Shrew U: The Monster and The Guide

Archetypes of the Human Spirit (Story Analysis)

Part 10

Archetype #5: The Monster

“To dwell solely on failure and loss may consume all efforts to improve.”

I depicted this archetype as a very large and gruesome fish that has the ability to attack.  Making choices means that a choice might be wrong and, in this case, the repercussions of a wrong choice could be so overwhelming that you might not be able to continue your metaphysical hero journey.  To be “in the belly of the beast” is to be in a very bad place.

  • When have you made choices that did not end well?  Were you able to learn from your mistakes?
  • Can the darkness of being in this “belly” be compared to being in the “womb” of darkness?  What is the difference?


Archetype #6: The Guide

“Wisdom will take much time to acquire.”

A guide that comes to help with your journey can come in many forms.  A wise old man in this case signify’s the heavens (white hair like clouds and blue eyes like sky).  Notice the light inside his eyes.  This light is a reminder of your search for purpose.

  • Do you trust in the authentic wisdom of your inner voice?  Is this voice different from your intuition?  If so, then how?
  • In your life, can you find real people who listen well and do not judge?

If your metaphysical Self has made it this far, you have only just begun the transformative process…

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