The Female Principle

The Female Principle; What is it? First and foremost it is a tangible reality that this world and all of its pontificators cannot ignore any longer. I define the Female Principle (FP) as the fundamental truth designed to uphold life and honor passing. This principle is far beyond anything trying to be “feminine”. The FP will never boast to be the most important truth. After all, within a natural system the female requires the male to procreate. We all know that the seed is nothing without the earth and atmosphere to give it life.

The Female Principle (as with earth and atmosphere) has more influence on the world than any other natural mechanism. Because of this position, I believe humankind has created unnatural systems to thwart the importance of the FP. Both women and men have been complicit in this drama. How have we seen this drama play out? Just look around at any form of human inspired mass destruction. The genesis of this destruction is always inspired by forced intention; seeds planted as weeds for no other purpose than to strangle the stronger roots of seeds planted as the basis of life and the impetus for natural “rights”.

The Shrew blog will aim to place a thoughtful focus back onto the strong roots that women must take back. Women should become the primary influence discouraging drama. No longer a passive acceptor of manipulative forces or manipulators themselves, women must rise to the occasion by fully taking charge of the “Female Principle”. A taming of the shrew is no longer acceptable.

To be a Shrew one must work toward qualities of emotional maturity, openness as a condition toward wholeness, fortitude, and humility. This blog will focus on five themes:
1) The Shrew View; commentary on culture
2) I am Shrewd; turning mishaps into positive action
3) Shrew U(niversity); lessons learned
4) Shrewd Awakenings; spiritual moments
5) The Traveling Shrew; perspectives from other places