Shrewd Awakenings: Don’t Shoot The Messenger

Relax! The economy is fine, the border is secure, Social Security is solvent and crime is down…So say the Democrats in charge. Okay, okay. It’s not just the Democrats. FINALLY WE CAN UNDERSTAND IT’S THE DEEP STATE! Yes, that is correct.

When only a few of our representatives care to check on the functions of our government systems, then we all have a deep seated issue. For too long the federal bureaucracy has been allowed to grow without constraints. Why has this happened? Laziness perhaps, but more likely it’s covetousness. Coveting is an ungodly desire for something that belongs to another. It can lead to greed, stealing, jealousy, envy—even murder. God wants us to be grateful for those things we have and to work for what we desire, rejoicing with others in what they possess. Our federal DEEP STATE is committing a sin against each citizen of this nation by rejoicing in what the DEEP STATE possesses in stead of rejoicing in what each individual has worked for.

Greed can be seen in the rising federal debt. Stealing has occurred with inflation. Jealousy is apparent when our leadership taxes our wealth. Envy leads to this taxation. Murder is then the intentional destruction of our liberties in order for the DEEP STATE to survive.

The big cover-up is insidious. Corporate media conspires with DEEP STATE actors to manipulate outcomes so that it seems to those watching from the outside that “nothing can be done” to change course. Meanwhile, courageous voices are cancelled to help perpetuate the manipulation. Heaven help us!

He was simply a messenger…

It’s not enough for you and I to throw up our hands in defeat or to ignore the coming consequences. We must find and follow the canceled voices. We must become the voice of reason and defend liberty. It is 1776 once again! We the people are the messenger and we will not be silent.

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