Our Authentic Awakening

Our current government leadership wants us to live in fear and dependency. Yes, it’s true! There has been a comical willingness for citizens to hand over to the government their inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Now that the “progressives” are in charge, the advancement of dependency upon government is reaching a break neck speed. The swampy Dems and GOP are manipulating the “system” for their personal benefit, and now these narcissistic nut-bags have succumbed to the global cabal.

Build Back Better is a refrain that every leftist leader in every country has been using to make their constituents believe that these leaders have all our concerns “under control”. They want to be trusted to fix the “failures” that have been building from the past as well as those we find ourselves in today. After all, aren’t humans ultimately to be blamed for destroying our planet, causing migrant activity and contributing to unprecedented weather-related events, viruses and famine? If we haven’t already been trying to live up to our best behaviors, why would we be able to do so now?

1 Timothy 6:10 King James Bible – For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

I like this bible verse, it helps me to convert my outrage over our “failures” to a calm introspection that analyzes how those failures possibly arose since our industrialization. Commerce has been around for thousands of years, it’s how humans fulfill needs that contribute to comfortable living. Basic needs like water, food, clothing and shelter are typically met first followed by heat sources and education. Central to these needs is supportive family followed by community connections…All of these needs interconnect with the God given human capacity of intelligence and critical thinking. Industrialization occurred when our capacity of intelligence began to grow and encompass human wants like electricity, sanitation, faster travel and more convenient tools. Nowhere did this industrialization happen more rapidly than in the USA where the human drive to create was allowed to expand in a free market economy under the protections of the Constitution. And today, it is this free market economy that is under attack as “Capitalism Gone Wrong”.


Capitalism is defined as an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.* Has Capitalism in the USA really gone wrong? If so, then is this the heart of our “failures”? And, if the state has a part in controlling our trade and industry then what will be the result?

Failure is a condition followed by very strong emotion…No one enjoys failure, yet human kind has always had to deal with the fact that it exists. Failure exists so that improvement can begin. Notice that failure does not imply destruction because destruction would mean that what was before cannot be repaired. Our free market capitalism allows for natural forces of supply and demand to continually drive our economic cycles…Occasionally government financial assistance may be available to “prop up” a business sector temporarily, but it is this activity in particular that has actually gone wrong!! “Temporary” has become a dependency during this Covid19 pandemic, and a convenient way for an oligarchy to develop. When businesses become beholden to those few who run the government, Capitalism becomes socialized and cronyism is allowed to fester. Money exchanges between special interests. It is this activity that does not promote the general welfare of the whole population and leads to a break down of trust and ultimately the destruction of our free market economy and middle class America.

Wake up America! Trust has eroded and it began with BIG MEDIA. Our once trusted network news organizations are owned by corporations that covet money, a huge moral failing within our culture. Money is a tool to improve lives, but money is also a means to power…Government is a tool to improve lives, but government is also a means to power…News organizations are a tool to help expose the truth in power structures like government, Wall Street and some religious organizations. When news organizations embed themselves within these structures, the people who rely on the news to make informed decisions are robbed of an authentic resource from which to make important decisions.

The sorrows which we all will suffer are based on promulgated lies that have been unfortunately supported by our own money to corporations that “own” big media organizations and elected officials. The only way out is through each of us being much more intentional in our approach to information consumption…We have moved from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. We cannot assume that information platforms promote the truth unless we get our information from a variety of sources, compare the content and question competing information. Our God given intelligence and critical thinking skills are the basis of an authentic awakening in a culture of division. Our sorrows can be lifted by the intervention of God’s love for His creation. His Truth reveals all when we seek His compassion, not when we covet government compassion in the form of $$ which is a hand out meant to draw us into dependency, not a hand up meant to liberate us to do independent good works.

Capitalism has not gone wrong. Government intervention has gone wrong. Build Back Better is not a global corporation that we want to join. We must stand strong and hold on to our liberty…It’s the only thing that matters; not the evils of money, fame, and power.

*Google Dictionary

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