Shrew U: The Roots of Liberty

Imagine that it is Europe, the year is 1513.  The “New World” has been discovered by the Spanish crown and Britain is also exploring the North American continent for the British Royal crown. France is ruled also by a king, however the Pope has all the control and his power manifests through heavy tithes (taxes) on all the people who believe that they will never be forgiven for their sins unless they pay the Church for “indulgences” and pardons.  Common people cannot read or write, and they take the word of the Pope and his mercenaries as God’s intention.   It has been many years since a learned man, Doctor John Wichlif, in Britain has translated the Bible into English.  All printed copies were confiscated and burned by the Pope and his followers.

In the history book, “The Story of Liberty”, by Charles Carlton Coffin (first published in 1878), a description of the time is related accordingly:

“Although so many years have passed since Doctor Wichlif’s day, the people all through Europe are still in slavery.  They are taxed by emperors and kings, Pope and priest.  They are robbed systematically; they are ignorant and degraded.  If a man commits murder, he can flee to the shelter of a church; or if he can once get inside a convent door, the sheriff cannot arrest him.  The civil law, then, is powerless.  The bishops and priests are, many of them, ready to burn a heretic to death; while emperors and kings are autocrats.   They do as they please.  There is no Liberty as yet for the people.”

When I read this paragraph I immediately thought of our current time in the United States and the political transformations that seem to be happening around us.  I think about the 1905 quote by philosopher George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  Are we there?  What if I were to take the above paragraph and put it into today’s interpretation:

“Although so many years have passed since our Founder’s day, the people all through the United States are in perpetual bondage – through income taxes that pay for low efficiency governmental departments and programs.  They are taxed by federal government and state government, counties and municipalities.  They are robbed systematically; red tape and media talking points have left them ignorant and degraded.  If an illegal immigrant commits a murder, he can flee to the shelter of a sanctuary state; or if he can once get inside of a jailhouse, the sheriff cannot deport him.  The civil law, then, is powerless.  Congress, many of them, ready to ignore the law abiding citizens for the illegal acts of non-citizens.  They do as they please.  There is far less Liberty for We The People.”

My friends, politics has become the new religion.  Liberal elites are the power hungry priests.  All they need is a popularly elected Democratic President to be their king.  And this could very well happen now that there is such talk about dissolving the electoral college.  Combine this with a ranked choice voting process and you have a recipe for disaster.  Our Founders thought deeply about a process that would allow all states to be individually recognized while keeping the ability to maintain their rights.  You might hear that the process was based on racism, however we must look at the context of the times.  Liberty needed compromise for it to evolve as it has.  Founders who firmly believed that slavery should be abolished knew very well that the state’s which were built on slavery were critical to fighting against tyranny.   The fight to end slavery would come later, and amendments to the Constitution to assure Liberty For All would continue after that.  If you read your history books you would see that individual state laws perpetuated Jim Crow, and those laws were the basis for hatred.  Our awakening to Liberty was slow, however God’s love of humanity worked through a coalition that still exists and is honored today.  

Don’t allow your government to give away “free” stuff or be empowered to overspend on programs that cannot prove efficient.  It’s a ploy to enslave the masses and deny them true Liberty.  “Question with boldness even the existence of God: because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.” – Thomas Jefferson

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