Shrew U: The New Wild West


Lawlessness defined the U.S. during the days of western expansion. There were no official boarders with Canada until 1846 and Mexico until 1853. From the 1500’s to the 1800’s Spain, Britain and France were in the ultimate struggle for pieces of Western Hemisphere territory. Indiginous people had no chance to keep their sacred spaces because, simply put, they were overrun by dictatorial powers who were hell bent on having new resources.

Think about this…By 1776 many people in the British colonial territories (this included Native Americans as well as other people from various parts of the world who migrated to the Americas) were fed up with working harder and harder to accrue riches for the King. Also, the King beset them with taxes on their daily commodities, such as tea. “Occupied” lands were not necessarily owned by those who lived on them. Concepts in land ownership evolved from “communal” to “natural right” then toward “conquest” and “contractual rights” (See Europe Meets America: Property Rights in the New World January 1, 2007). When colonial America declared its independence on July 4, 1776 it was the beginning of FREEDOM FOR ALL in the then 13 colonies. Consider that when Spain discovered the “New World” in 1492 the central American territories were quickly assimilated by Spain which is why this region speaks mostly Spanish. Mexico didn’t gain their independence from Spain until 1810, more than 40 years before the official boarder with the United States.

However, even with an “official” boarder there is usually no real barrier beyond naturally defined areas and roadway gates. Most boarders between States and Nations are somewhat porous. This is why there is a definition for citizenship. Just as with property rights, citizenship rights evolved as the governing body implemented its rules. Before there were official deeds for owning property, keeping your home and the land you lived off of was difficult to hold onto. To protect yourself, your family and your property you needed a gun…This defense is exactly what we see in those Wild West movies. How the hell did good people ever manage to stay alive in this environment? Enter the rule of law.

The rule of law implies that every person is subject to the laws made by the governing authority including people who make them, enforce them, and judge them. Hence, the enforcement of laws has also evolved. Lawlessness relys on ignorance and subjugation in order for it to thrive. In our “New Wild West” people who do not have citizenship lay claim to their self described personal rights (not to be confused with individual rights) as if they are quasi dictators without regard to state status and the constitutional obligations therein. Their uneducation or miseducation creates desperation, and their environment therefor has no relevance to them. Criminal behavior which could have been a necessary activity from where they came Is quite often their education by default. The “rules” do not apply to them because rules never have. If you get away once you will maybe get away again. Get the picture?

Punishments must fit the crime, but enforcement has to catch the perpetrator first. Unfortunately the law enforcement officer (police, sheriff, boarder patrol, ICE) is usually the first person to meet up with a perp, and these suspected criminals are catching on to our new laisez-faire (a.k.a. boarderless) personal rights. Freedom is not free and easy; we pay with our lives if lawlessness prevails. Let’s deter the uneducated masses with a wall that tells them what good citizenship means. Lady Liberty never said that she wanted those who were uneducated!  We have enough ignorance and insecurity being sewn into our American Citizens as it is today.  The Lady stands against these behaviors with her book and her torch.


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