Shrew Brews: Cheers!

Good news from the land of Shrew!  

I am introducing my new feature called “SHREW BREWS” which is a natural fit for my Female Pricipled Blog.  How is this a fit?  Ever since Eve took a bite from the apple of the Tree of Knowledge, she was also searching for the Kernel of Truth…Hense barley was discovered, and Adam was right there to share in the discovery!  The duality of good and evil unites in a positive proposition 🙂


Our American tap rooms are our new social anchors for men and women to gather, imbibe and contemplate on beer, fellowship and fun.  The variety of favors and capacity to create can never be too much in this market where the entrepreneurial spirit thrives.

So I invite my readers to share in my discovery of unique brews, breweries and tap rooms from around this great country. And I encourage you to share your discoveries on this topic as well…




The Quarry Tap Room

Established 2015 in Hallowell, Maine, this bar and grill is adding to the lively spirit of the Main Street character.  My choice of beer this day was Kona Big Wave, a golden ale from Kailua Kona, HI.  It was no doubt due to the mounds of snow outside that I was feeling a bit in the mood for some beachy weather and this brew did not disappoint.  The flavor was light bodied with a subtle hint of fruitiness.  Just right for an early afternoon.

There were 30 beers on tap….quite an extensive representation from around the globe actually, but some great representation from Maine too.  I could only stop in for a brew and a bite, but I wish I had had more time to hang out.  The food was fine, the atmosphere better.  The quality live entertainment seemed to make time fly.

Brew on!!

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