The Shrew View: On Good Will

Blogging for Blogging’s Sake

Where have my last two weeks gone!!  I haven’t been blogging.  Instead, I’ve used a lot of energy and creativity to work with other volunteers in my circle of goodwill to bring what we hope to be messages of joy and harmony.

Goodwill is the one and only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy. – Ludwig Borne

There are so many opportunities to give to others.  I may not have grand sums of money to impart, but I would like to think that my time and effort has just as much value.  Have you ever thought about the value of goodwill?  I’d like to pose a break down of what is typically needed when taking on a campaign of goodwill:

  • Identifying the need…
  • Rallying the team…
  • Generating the task outline…
  • Mobilizing the funds if needed…
  • Delegating the responsibilities…
  • Implementing the effort…
  • Measuring the outcome…
  • Assessing for any needed improvements…
  • Thanking everyone involved!

Cause + Inspiration + Innovation + Benefators + Effort = Goodwill = Value

People take these efforts on all of the time.  If there is  no political aspect or greed attached to the effort then the value is enhanced tremendously because pure  generosity is the goal.

My two weeks off from blogging were time well spent. Until next time, peace out 🙂

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