Shrewd Awakenings: Archetypes of the Human Spirit / Part 1

“Archetypes of the Human Spirit”



This is the first of a twelve part series based on the Archetypes of human sub consciousness.  These symbols play an important role in how our meta-physical selves navigate the collective conscious of human kind.  All religious symbolism attempts to influence this mysticism, but not all religious symbols place emphasis on the individual’s direct link to greater understanding with the divine spirit.  To negotiate away from the ego, a journey of heroic proportions must be taken, not in the physical sense but rather in the meta-physical sense.  Mythologist Joseph Campell best understood this concept. Jung did too. I will attempt to take you on this journey.  Please comment on your experience and perhaps we will discover something wonderful together…


Part One:

Epiphany is described as an enlightening realization that allows a problem or situation to be understood from a new and deeper perspective.  An epiphany can happen with the right mix of time and mind movement, a movement that entirely shifts the fragments of your memories to create meaning and purpose.







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