The Fetish With Pronouns

Do you remember Mad Libs? I used to love these one page “stories” in which you fill in the blanks and the story would become sillier with the more interesting noun, pronoun or adjective you would think of…This is how I imagine our world today 🙂

The thing is, back when I was in grade school and Mad Libs were popular, my education was on par with filling out those blanks. For instance, a sentence was a sentence. It had a beginning, middle and end with punctuation and most of all meaning. These days I’m finding that most anyone graduating past the year 2000 or so is forgetting about this grammatically correct way of communicating. I’m not suggesting that my writing skills are perfect, however I’m seeing that the real world is behaving more like a “Mad Lib” every day.

Our mad world today.

For instance, let’s consider pronouns. A pronoun (I, me, he, she, herself, you, it, that, they, each, few, many, who, whoever, whose, someone, everybody, etc.) is a word that takes the place of a noun, typically replacing one’s name or a thing as referenced in a sentence. The pronoun sometimes is “gendered” which simply means that it identifies with the name of the individual. This last point is important! Why? Because “gender” is grounded in language. Gender is real and necessary. “Language activists” believe that a pronoun is a descriptor which an individual wishes to be referred to in order to indicate their gender identity. No! Gender identity is a personal construct of the imagination. Believing that someone can wish their pronoun into being is a fetish of narcissistic magnitude and goes against language norms. Either an individual has a proper name or they don’t…The pronoun identifies the name.

“Hello. My name is __________ (fill in the blank). I am happy to meet you! We should get together sometime soon to get to know each other better.“

“I just met a new friend named _________ (fill in the blank). He/She (Correct pronoun needed here depending upon the name) is a very kind person.“

The two sentences above are grammatically correct depending upon the inserted name and corresponding pronoun. My name is Bette and it is a female name and therefore uses a female pronoun which would be “She” in the second sentence. If I am emailing someone I have never met before who is named Pat, Chris or Jamie then I might have a problem, but I don’t need their pronoun in order to converse with them directly. I would hope by the time we get to know each other that the he/she or him/her aspect would be known. If Pat, Chris or Jamie have the least bit of self awareness then they would grant me the respect of learning who they are by not getting upset over a pronoun. An email that closes with “Sincerely, Pat he/him” is fine, but only because Pat realizes that he is a man and might be mistaken for a she/her….But this is typically insignificant because people should always be granted the benefit of doubt! I can’t tell you how many times people get my name wrong, even those who have known me for years type Betty. I could never judge them harshly for this oversight because I understand that my name is different. This is the Christian way to behave. Otherwise your behavior is judgmental, egotistical and borders on tyrannical.

Now there are newly created pronouns attempting to be used in the English Language. Here are the examples: xe/xem/xyr, ze/hir/hirs, and ey/em/eir. What are these? Fetishes of a clown world of course. Go ahead and use one as your legal name, but don’t mess with the fundamentals of our English language.*

*My opinion on this subject is my right to express according to the Constitution which governs our country.

Houston, We Have A God Problem

As we mere mortals reach for the stars and the moons and the galaxies, we must first ground ourselves in Truth for it is this Truth that paved our way to the stars, moons and galaxies.

God’s creation is an orderly approach to what then become the creations of men and women. Notice that there is nothing humankind can create that isn’t from an existing element which only God could create. In nature, only elements up to atomic number 94 exist; to go further, it is necessary to synthesise new elements in the laboratory. All synthetic elements are unstable, but they decay at widely varying rates: the half-lives of their longest-lived isotopes range from microseconds to millions of years.* Scientific methods are human made. We should not consider ourselves as God because only His creations, including you and me, are infinite.

Alternatively, the human mind is much more than a creation of God. Human kind can use the mind to imagine and act out a multitude of scenarios. The mind is chaotic and requires proper guidance. But who’s guidance? I believe it must be guidance by God. Hence the formation of the Torah, the Bible and other religious books and systems. ‘In the beginning was the Word’ means ‘at the beginning of everything, there was the entity we know as God, who embodied, and created, the rational principle on which everything is founded’. Divinely inspired Truth is the fundamental basis of human thought which lead to the natural rights ensconced in the U.S. Constitution. This is what makes us a free people in America.

Beware the man made “systems” that remove God’s meaning and purpose. Secular is non religious yet was never meant to be non God. Religion is a man made system for being with and relating to God as science is a man made system for being with and organizing God’s creation on earth. Likewise government is a man made system for organizing a community of humans. Humans are a creation of God which He saw as good. However humans have the capability of committing acts both good and bad which is why God also created boundaries by handing down The Word through prophets and articles like the 10 Commandments. This is where secularists and atheists always get stuck…The “separation” of church and state is not a clause in the Constitution. Instead the Constitution guarantees no establishment of one religion for the state or states … Belief in God and the individual’s practice of religion was sacrosanct.

Fix reason in her place…

We have taken this freedom for granted. We can witness this in the human chaos that is all around us. The frailty of the human spirit is reflected in the blatant rejection (“revolution”) of the boundaries of scientific methods, man’s laws and the constitutional limits all of which have been traditionalized in our secular world. This rejection has conditioned many people to believe in human made false gods such as climate change, critical race theory and party politics…Modern day golden idols shining as stars and moons and galaxies for those who worship them and attempt to control others through them. Man’s misuse of the military industrial complex is an unfortunate outcome of this Godless control.

Ground yourself by getting real with God. Place importance in objective truths. If your faith in God is weak then you are vulnerable to the evils, the false gods, the golden idols of our material world. You don’t need to follow a church or a preacher, but you do need to educate yourself with The Word by following a kind and humble path with similar seekers. God is Love, Light and the Way.

*from Wikipedia

Critical Theory Can’t Compete With Our Diversity

In one of my previous blogs,, I wrote about how Critical Race Theory (CRT) was affecting the culture in the USA. Critical theory argues that societal structures and cultural assumptions influence social problems rather than individual and psychological effects. In the blog I point out among other things that CRT has no scientific research and evidentiary discovery behind it, instead the discovery is purely philosophical similar to a religious practice like Buddhism…beliefs and ideals describing behavior and thought. If this is the case, then shouldn’t it follow that teaching the deconstruction of the Constitution and cultural norms of the USA (as CRT does) would lead to a vacuum of serious thought (aka critical thinking) among our students and employers who are being fed this crap? And, once this vacuum is presented what then fills it? Tyranny of course.

No country other than the USA possesses a Constitution with a very thoughtful framework for governance intended to be by and for its citizens. Though far from perfect, our Constitution sets the table to uphold individual Liberty by a checks and balances system. Also, each state is allowed to possess its own constitution. I contend that what matters most is the local government experience which is typically the best barometer of Liberty’s success…Holding elected officials accountable is best done locally.

Now consider that the USA has the most ethnically diverse population of any other country. Granted, not all communities have a large amount of ethnic diversity, but those that do not will still have population diversity of another type be it socioeconomic, religious or even seasonal…There are numerous “melting pots “. Yet there is one thing that holds us all together, and that is our desire to understand our roots and educate each other about all the hard fought freedoms which were gained by extraordinary people in order to pass true Liberty on to each new generation no matter the race, creed or color of the people.

Critical Theory seeks to deconstruct systems without lighting a way toward unity. There can be no “United” States under this philosophy. Instead the action is toward chaos (aka disunity). For instance, the white supremacy mantra is a dog whistle used to create this chaos. We see it’s influence in some of our major cities that defund policing and push CRT in school curricula. But what is white supremacy? The term is used by Democrat leadership yet the definition is lacking. Does it mean a KKK style resurgence, a saturation of Caucasian culture or perhaps it means tyrannical behavior from the opposition political party? I believe that white supremacy is meant to mean whatever the person who hears it thinks it means to them, and the intention is to cause feelings of shame for some and feelings of anger for others. The intent is for driving destructive emotions, keeping some form of “Democrat” labeled political party in power, bringing solutions that only the federal government should administer, and reducing our great diversity to simple minded cogs in a wheel of slavery to the elite class.

I have faith that our diverse population will ultimately see through the CRT re-education ruse and teach an honest education of history with all its flaws and accomplishments. We must start locally where the rescue effort is most effective. The BIG LIE is CRT. The BIG TRUTH is to love your neighbor, stay Liberty minded and keep the next generation FREE!

Critical Race Nonsense

CRT is a disingenuous practice of brainwashing through story telling and sensationalism while manipulating data, leaving out competing narratives, and linking loosely related material.