Shrew Brews

What do you call a lover of beer? I can’t find it in any online search…So I’ll be the first to introduce a new term. Brew Shrew! How about that?

Beer isn’t for everyone, but the beer connoisseur could tell you otherwise 🙂

Craft beer is so much easier to find these days. Whether it’s an urban hub or the back roads on the way to the city, beer tasting rooms and tap houses are plentiful.

Oh, the diversity of it all 🙂

So who needs a corporate larger anymore? Ditch them all I say!! It’s time to get back to basics and make the local brewmaster your one stop shop for suds and buds. NO, not those kinds of Buds…YOUR BUDDIES. The ones who know your name and are always glad you came.

After all, you’re a Brew Shrew and you wouldn’t want it any other way. Cheers!